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Eyra is a trusted partner of Centerdata. Our collaboration enables researchers to seamlessly enrich LISS survey data with digital trace data or organize benchmark challenges using LISS data through the innovative software services available on the Next platform.
Joris Mulder
LISS coordinator, Centerdata
Eyra supports the development of the national infrastructure for social science and helps us deliver innovations through sustainable software development.
Tom Emery
Director, ODISSEI and Associate Professor, Erasmus University
Eyra has helped make our benchmark challenge a great success with their smooth infrastructure and willingness to help and think along.
Gert Stulp
Associate Professor, University of Groningen
Eyra did not only help us with developing software for data donation studies, but also with creating a long-term vision and making the software easily accessible for other researchers to use.
Laura Boeschoten
Assistent Professor, Utrecht University
We were happy with Eyra as a viable partner, who helped us with data donation script development and our data donation study set up on the Next platform.
Sebastian Kurten
Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Cambridge
We are happy that we chose to contribute to the open source data donation software and to plan for its long term sustainability. Our consortium of six Dutch universities worked with Eyra to create the next generation data donation infrastructure that can be leveraged by Social Science and Humanities scholars nationally and internationally.
Theo Araujo
Professor, University of Amsterdam and Scientific Director of ASCoR
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