About Eyra

Eyra is a purpose driven company with a circular economy business model
that focusses on high-quality sustainable open source software as a service solutions
for Social Sciences, Humanities and Health.
We are a lean company. We work towards a minimal viable product as soon as possible, to acquire feedback and learn as we go to develop in the right direction. We work with a sociocratic governance structure that ensures equal co-determination of employees.

Our advisory board consists of Stephen Aylward, Martha Larson and Daniel Oberski.
Eyra was founded in 2020 by Adriënne Mendrik and Emiel van der Veen, but it would not be what it is now without our team.
Meet our team

Adriënne Mendrik

Adriënne is a visionary who reads between the lines and encourages people to improve upon the status quo, while keeping a close eye on how new ideas connect to existing frameworks.

Emiel van der Veen

Emiel is a visionary who excels in systematic thinking, challenges people to step up, and guides them into developing robust and high quality products that withstand the test of time.

Peter Waterman

Peter is a people-oriented quick thinker with great listening skills who advices on long term company health, based on a broad experience in finance and general management.

Jeroen Vloothuis

With extensive technical knowledge and great analytical skills, Jeroen quickly solves complex problems with exceptional precision and elegance, while keeping things as simple as possible.

Tjerk Nan

Products run smoothly and secure due to Tjerks eye for detail and passion for automation combined with extensive experience in security and DevOps.

Neo Cheung

With his sharp eye and organised way of working, Neo quickly translates thoughts into design, while finding the right balance between client needs and user experience.

Rowdy van Looy

Rowdy excels in striking the right balance between stakeholder interests and technical feasibility, to find product and marketing strategies that fit the Eyra mission and vision.

Pien Chrispijn

Pien is driven by curiosity and a genuin interest in people, in order to learn from them and find ways to break new ground, while regenerating symbiosis.

Naiyara van der Veen

Naiyara has a deep understanding of what people need and the ability to translate this into concrete actions that make both an organisation as well as the people within thrive.