Participant Recruitment

Software Service

This software service enables you to publish a study, which can be an online questionnaire or an on-site study or a combination of these in Panl (a pool of Dutch respondents). This software service is currently not available yet, but will become available soon on the Next platform.


  • Add an online questionnaire task and add your Qualtrics questionnaire.
  • Add an on-site study task and provide participants with time slots that they can reserve to visit your study site.
  • Choose the language for your respondents. Currently we support English and Dutch.
  • Create your Panl advertisement and add:
    • custom branding by changing the header image and adding a title.
    • a one liner about your study to attract participants.
    • a description about what is expected from participants.
    • a description about your study
    • your contact information
  • Configure how long it will take to perform your task and provide the height of the monetary incentive.
  • Submit your advertisement for publication in Panl to recruit participants. Publishing your advertisement in Panl is subject to payment and approval by the Panl team.

All features can be configured in the content management system (CMS) on the Next platform.

Collaboration and Funding

The participant recruitment software service was mostly developed in collaboration with:

  • Martin Tanis, Ivar Vermeulen, Antske Fokkens and Merel Heusen (VU Amsterdam)

With input from Paulina Pankowska, Jiska Eelen, Femke van Horen and Agneta Fischer. This software service is mostly funded by the PDI-SSH (Dutch participant recruitment platform for SSH research), Eyra and the VU Amsterdam. For more information about Panl, visit their website.

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