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This software service enables you to configure an online data donation study and make it available for respondents to donate their digital trace data in a privacy-preserving manner. The data donation workflow can be easily published on the Next platform.


  • The following pages are optional:
    • About page to inform respondents about your study
    • Consent page for informed consent
    • Helpdesk page
    • Privacy statement (pdf file upload)
  • When the above pages are added, these are all visible for participants when clicking the "i" at the bottom corner. The about and consent pages are part of the onboarding of respondents and will also be shown before respondents enter the data donation workflow.
  • Choose the language for your respondents. Currently we support English and Dutch. German will be available soon.
  • Add custom branding to your data donation workflow, by changing the header image and adding a logo, title and subtitle.
  • Add as many tasks to your data donation workflow as you want in any order you like, the following tasks are available:
    • Request manual: upload a pdf manual for your respondents on how to request the digital trace data.
    • Download manual:upload a pdf manual for your respondents on how to download the digital trace data.
    • Donate: workflow to donate the data in a privacy-preserving manner. Here you can upload the data donation flow application created with feldspar.
    • Questionnaire: link to a Qualtrics questionnaire with a round-trip back to the Next platform.
  • Get a link to the online data donation workflow and add a custom Participant ID that can be forwarded to your Qualtrics questionnaire and is used in the filename of the donated data.
  • Monitor how many respondents have donated data

All features can be configured in the content management system (CMS) on the Next platform.

Content Management System (CMS) on the Next platform

What can we do for you?

  • Publish a data donation study on the Next platform: By creating an account on the Next platform, you can easily configure your data donation study in the Next platform CMS and publish it on our high-availability environment by simply clicking publish, after this it will be readily available for your participants. We take care of the availability and security.
  • Support with developing the data donation flow application script: A custom data extraction script needs to be developed to extract the data from the digital trace data packages that is relevant for your research question. With this python script data can be extracted in a privacy preserving manner locally on your respondents device, after which only the data relevant for your research question can be donated. If you or anyone on your team do not have the skills to develop this script (see feldspar repository) we can develop the script for you. We can also review the script in case you would like to have a quality assurance check.
  • Advise on how to set up a data donation study: If you are not sure how to set up a data donation study, you can check out the data donation website. Need some further advice? Contact us to see what we can do for you.
  • Data donation study in the LISS panel: We closely collaborate with Centerdata for data donation studies in the LISS panel.

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Collaboration and Funding

The data donation software service was mostly developed in collaboration with:

  • Laura Boeschoten and Daniel Oberski (Utrecht University)
  • Theo Araujo and Niek de Schipper (University of Amsterdam)

With input from the broader D3i team. This software service is mostly funded by the UU, PDI-SSH (D3i project), Eyra and the Next platform users. Additional features were added by users from Centerdata (LISS panel), Cambridge University and University of Mannheim. For more information about data donation, visit the data donation website.

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