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We develop sustainable open source Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions that we call Software Services. All software that we develop becomes readily available on the Next web platform hosted by Eyra that can be accessed online,
but is also available for self-hosting. Sustainability comes from various projects that share software modules and is further supported by Next platform users who use the developed Software Services.
Software development for social sciences, humanities and health is often subject to limited project budgets that come from grants. Making software sustainable (keeping it alive after a project ends) and making it easy for others to use is a major challenge. Eyra addresses this challenge by integrating software services into the Next web platform, an ecosystem for readily available sustainable software. By reusing software modules that were developed in other projects and are available within the Next platform, development costs are reduced. Multiple projects contribute to the maintenance of the same underlying reusable modules aiding sustainability. Sustainability is further supported by Next platform users who use the integrated readily available software services.
How does it work?
All software services that are integrated into the Next web platform are developed in co-creation with our clients. We work towards a minimal viable product (MVP) as soon as possible and run pilots at an early stage in order to be able to adjust the software to the user's needs. We iteratively guide you through the entire software development process from planning up to maintenance in three phases:
Design, Develop and Deploy.
The Next web platform works with a project structure. Each integrated software service exists of one or multiple project items that can be used by Next platform users. Examples of software services are data donation and benchmark challenges. These software services share underlying modules with respect to making tasks available to participants, but benchmark challenges for instance have an extra project item for publishing the challenge leaderboard. Because these software services share modules they strengthen each other. Although they are autonomous, they are part of a shared ecosystem on the Next platform. The Next platform is open source under the GNU Affero General Public License (AGPL-3.0) and available on GitHub.
The design phase consists of planning, analysis and software design. Together we identify the software goals, objectives and user requirements. Based on this, we determine how the software can be integrated into the Next platform, which modules can be reused and which need to be developed.
Together we start by identifying the main software service users and their goals and needs, as well as what they currently struggle with most. In other words, what will the software service solve for the envisioned users? What are the core problems? Once we have that clear, we will determine what the software service on the Next platform needs to provide in order to address these needs and how this can be achieved. We define epics (larger portions of work) that we refine with our clients, which are then subdivided into issues (smaller portions of work).
Once we have a picture of what the software service needs to solve and in what way, we start with the software implementation based on the defined issues. We prioritize issues, such that we can deliver a working software service that can be used in a pilot, as soon as possible. After this we iteratively add features to enrich the software service.
In line with agile development, we do not wait with development until every detail is clear. We iteratively develop parts of the software that are integrated into the Next platform as project items and work towards a minimal viable software service (i.e. MVP) as soon as possible.  Refinements of some parts of the software with clients can run in parallel with the development of other parts of the software. Everything we build is in line with the reusable module architecture, reusing as much as possible and adding new modules to the ecosystem when required.

Although we deliver as soon as possible, we build software with a long-term mindset.
Developed software services or additional features are tested in a separate environment, before being released to the production environment on the Next platform. We release to production at an early stage so that the software can be used in pilots to test the functionality with real users in order to identify points of improvement. A production release means that the software is readily available online for Next platform users.
All software that we develop becomes readily available on the Next web platform hosted by Eyra, but is also available for self-hosting. The Next platform is constantly in development, we are continuously adding features and software services. By adding software services or features to software services, you contribute to and benefit from the shared open source Next ecosystem. Next platform users immediately benefit from your contribution to the platform empowering social sciences, humanities and health.
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The software services below are currently available on the Next platform or will become available soon.

Benchmark Challenges

Data Donation

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